Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cambio de planes

After packing and unpacking, and shifting things around in my suitcase to make 5 weeks worth of stuff to fit in one bag, I was finally ready to go!  I woke up this morning excited to begin my journey to Spain, thinking that I would be on a plane to Madrid at this time, and trying to fall asleep in the window seat, while the obnoxious guy next to me snores and the kid behind me kicks my seat--both of which I could've dealt with as long as I was on my way to Spain.  But no… I got to the Dayton airport, got my boarding pass, said goodbye to my dad, and my typical American life.. until the lady at the desk tracked me down before I get to security and told me that I might not be going to Philly (where my connection flight was).

It turns out that in order to go to a foreign country, your passport must be valid for at least three months after your date of return to the US.  Who knew?!  So even though my passport didn't expire until the end of July and I would be coming back to the good 'ole States in June, my passport wouldn't get me anywhere.  So why even have an expiration date??  I don't know. Yeahh, still a little salty about this whole situation.

So, that was my first "learning experience," before my trip even began.  In the meantime, I'm freaking out about not getting to go to Spain at all, and wasting thousands of dollars.  Thankfully, the guy at the desk was extremely helpful and directed us to the passport agency number.  We called the number and long story short, changed my flight to tomorrow at the same time and will be hopefully getting an updated passport in the morning (fingers crossed!).

 I am definitely going to have to send that man a thank you note for dealing with me, and making sure that I didn't fly all the way to Spain, when they would've sent me right back on a plane to the US right when I got there.  It's people like him that you know God must have placed there just at the right moment to be an answer to prayer.

I guess tomorrow's the day then!  Theoreticallyyy, it should all work out perfectly and I will get to Madrid right on time for our group tour with USAC thursday morning.  This whole thing just was meant to add a little excitement right?? Cause it would be wayy too easy and boring if it went exactly as planned.. ;)

I want to remember every part of this trip--good and not so good-- to Spain so I'll be keeping everyone back in the States updated as often as I can on all my crazy adventures to come through this blog in the next couple of weeks!


  1. So weird about the passport!! I just got mine this winter so I will be good but who woulda ever guessed that? Have a safe flight!

    1. I know, we didn't even think it would be a big deal! Thanks though! :)