Wednesday, May 28, 2014

lluvia, lluvia.. go away

My Spanish is getting better every day and I'm getting more used to their customs as well.  I learned that the eating schedule is much different that in the US.  My host-sister explained their meals:

"Desayuno"- right when you wake up (8-9am)
"Almuerzo"- around 11 or mid-morning snack (which we learned in school that Almuerzo means lunch!)
"Comida"- after work/school (2-3pm)
"Merielida" (I think that's how it's spelled)- is a small snack of fruit or coffee. (6pm)
"Cena"(our dinner in the US)- is right before bed (10pm)

I thought that was really interesting and now thats the meal schedule I follow for the most part! When in Rome, right? My favorite thing that my mom has made is tortilla de patada. Tortilla de patata is kind of like an omelet or kish but mainly potatoes.  

Another different thing was that at breakfast, she put out cereal and warmed milk(their milk isn't refrigerated and comes in a carton).  I asked her if it was for the coffee, but she said it was for the cereal too!  I told her that in the US, we drink it cold but I actually liked it a lot!

My host-parents are great.  My mama doesn't work, so she walks me to the bus stop in the morning and asks me when I'll be home and to call if I need anything.  She calls me "bonita" too whenever getting my attention instead of saying my name :) I love it! They're adorable.

Today was rainy again and my mama gave me an umbrella and boots to borrow.  I can't wait until it warms up! It's warmer back home right now than here by at least 20 degrees :(  Hopefully it'll clear up soon so I can make it to the beach and maybe take some surf lessons!

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