Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Last weekend consisted of going to the beach, and going to a flamenco festival!  On Sunday, I played in a sand volleyball tournament with some other students after helping clean up the beach for World Ocean Day in San Sebastian.  A little rusty, but I miss volleyball sooo much and it was great to get out by a net again!! We played 3 on 3, and our team was about half and half on the winning side but it was still a good time playing and watching the surf competition going on too.

After that, I worked on a presentation, and then me and my host-family made our way to Andalou, Francia for a Flamenco festival!!  It's kind of ironic that we went to France for a Flamenco festival when it's a dance that is known to be really popular in Seville (a city in the south of Spain).  It was a really quaint and cute town right on the beach just north of San Sebastian and full of people from all over!  Now my host family knows how I felt when I first got to Spain and barely understood a thing… this time we were in the same boat, not knowing how to read signs or order ice cream (apparently anana in French is not banana, it's pineapple haha).

We watched the Flamenco dancers do their thing and Miriam and I even joined in a little haha. :)

We had a blast, and it's funny how similar my host-mom is to my mom (birth-mom haha).  She was even joining along a little too! ….side note: I thought it's really funny that they also use the phrase, "I love that look," when referring to someone wearing an outfit thats a little out-there. Lol, they actually use the english word, "look" too, so that was interesting….

Okay so back to the festival…..

After we walked around Andalou for a while, we got Talos for dinner.  Talos are a traditional Basque type of food, that are made of a corn tortilla and you can put chess and ham on the inside, or chocolate like we did on the excursion on friday.  So, it was cool to taste the difference in our home-made talos, and the legit ones.  The ones that we had for dinner had jamón and queso (both of which I have learned that Spaniards love).  

That pretty much sums up the weekend! 

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