Monday, June 16, 2014

España España España..

So, I've come to the realization that I only have two short weeks left of this story book adventure!!  This is going crazyy fast and needs to slow down!  Last week we had midterms which means we're already over the halfway hump. I can't wait to catch up with everyone back home, but I feel like I'm just starting to get accustomed to everything here, and am loving the city even more every day.  I already know I'm going to have to make a trip back here to visit my host-family and travel around Spain some more someday.

On Saturday, me and a few others went to a medieval festival in Hondarribia with just an hour or so bus ride outside of San Sebastian.  I love how easy and cheap public transportation is here!  We got to the festival around noon, and went to a small restaurant for some lunch.  We all got small plates and just sampled each others meals a little bit.  I was feeling adventurous and got squid: Chiporones a la plancha.  It was actually reallyy good!

Of course, once we were done with lunch, it was "siesta-time" so all of the little shops and tents were closed until five!  So, we made the best of it and explored the town for awhile which was super old and the epitome of a european small town: cobblestone roads, clothes hanging out to dry outside the balconies, old stone buildings and cathedrals, and motorcycles and scooters lined up on the side of the roads.

The festival was filled with people wearing medieval costumes, playing instruments, and lots of homemade jewelry and things to sample.

On Sunday, I went to my other host-sister's dance recital.  She is around 25, and dances in her free time  for this company.  The show was fun to watch, and included all ages so the little "niños" were adorable! They did a dance with the theme song of the Disney movie, Mulan, which was different to listen to in Spanish.  There was also a Cinderella section at the end of the show that told the story.

Afterwards, we all had lunch at the house with most of their extended family!  I worked on some homework, and then went out to coffee with some of Miriam's friends until dinner time (which is always around 10 at our house!--but normally just consists of something light like a salad).

Today is a little cloudy, but I'm hoping to get to the beach if it warms up!

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