Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fin de Semana

Yesterday, I went on a nice run (in the rain, of course haha) around the city and through a cute park in the morning.  I spent most of the day working on homework, which thankfully I have my host family to help me with!! Then, I met up with a group of classmates to go to the cider house nearby that night!  San Sebastian is known for it's cider I guess, so it was quite an experience. They first brought out enormous baguettes for the table to share.  Then, they brought us a plate of sausages.  Next, came the plate of fish which we thought would be the main meal… but no!  They brought a huge plate of very rare (like still mooing) steaks!  Probably the best steak I've ever had though.  And then, they brought cheese and walnuts to finish off the meal.  Oh, and a pastry for dessert! Phew.. never been so full in my life!  Not to mention the cider too (I got the kids cider hehe:)).

This morning, my host-papa and sister went on a bike ride through the city together!  There was a festival going on, so the streets were closed for bikes/joggers/walkers.  They said that the festival is because San Sebastian is going to be the cultural city of Spain in 2016! So there were lots of people out and about even though it wasn't the best weather.

Then, this afternoon, I met the rest of their family-- including cousins and their other daughter and husband.  We had dinner/lunch together and although they were all talking very fast and it was a little hard to understand, I felt like a part of their family!

Now, I'm going to finish some more homework and go to church with their family in a bit!

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