Wednesday, June 4, 2014

History Unfolding!

History Lesson!  It sounds boring, but I promise it's not (if you're a nerd like me haha)!!  Every day around lunch time, I watch the news in Spanish with my host-mom, so I've learned a lot and it's actually always really interesting!  My host-mom told me that this is a huge deal for Spain right now, and to make sure I pay attention to 'las noticias.'

Okay, so after Dictator Franco died and handed over his reign to Juan Carlos (the current King), Juan Carlos converted the country to a constitutional monarchy. Yesterday, King Juan Carlos announced his abdication.  So, he is handing over the throne to his son, Felipe.  Many people in Spain don't like that there is a king in the first place because he is only a 'figure head', so they are paying lots of money in taxes to pay for it, when really he doesn't do anything anyway.  I asked my host family what they thought about the issue, and it sounded like my host-dad wasn't in favor of it, and my host-mom likes the idea of a Kind and Queen and thinks that they're a nice family.  So, I think most of Spain is split on the issue for the most part.  In Madrid, where I was a week ago, there are tons of protests filling the streets and it's crazy there right now!

This is the Plaza de Oriente in front of the Royal Palace, where I was last week after the announcement:

The streets are filled with people protesting the government and don't want a king.  I won't bore you anymore, but you should read more about it if you're interested!!

Oh, and don't worry I'm safe where I am… This is in Madrid-- I got this picture online! haha

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