Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hola to Olas!

Yesterday, I did my normal routine of waking up, going for a run, coming back to breakfast set out for me (including freshly squeezed orange juice), and riding my bike to and from class, coming home for lunch, going to the beach if it's nice out, and after went to a dance class with Miriam!  It made me want to be part of a dance class back at home too! Superdivertido :) 

Today, I gave my presentation, and took an exam and only have one more exam and presentation left!! Woo! After lunch, Miriam and I have been talking about going surfing all month, but haven't quite had the chance to yet!  Soo, we rented some surf boards and made our way to the beach.  I've never surfed before in my life, so you can use your imagination to see how the first couple of waves went.. haha!  Miriam was really good at it, and I finally stood up a couple times toward the end but I definitely could use some more practice for sure! (Now I just need to find a surf board and beach close to home lol).  

(It's funny how many times people have asked if Miriam and I are sisters, or have mistaken me for her!  I can definitely see the resemblance in this picture haha)

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