Monday, June 30, 2014

Home sweet home!

I got back home late Saturday night after a flight from Bilbao to Lisbon, Lisbon to Philadelphia, and Philly to Columbus!! It feels great to finally be home after a long trip!

Last thursday night, after all my finals were over, my host family took me out to dinner at a restaurant right on the beach.  Before dinner, we went to one of their cousins concerts in one of the nearby bar/restaurants!  It was fun to listen to, and most of the music was english--which I noticed was pretty common there!  It was sad to say goodbye to my "second family" for the month, and hope I'll be able to make it back and visit them sometime!  I think God definitely placed me with the best family I could've gotten to stay with for the month for sure.

On friday, I packed up all my stuff, and went with Miriam in her car to Mount Igueldo! It was such a pretty view of San Sebastian and the perfect end to my trip.  There was an old amusement park that Miriam said hadn't changed since she was a kid!  After that, we went to the bus station to meet my host-mom, and say goodbye and catch my bus to Bilbao.

It was about an hour bus ride, and I went stayed at a hotel there since my flight was taking off at 6am the next morning!  I took a bus into town and walked around Bilbao for most of the day and saw the giant puppy statue made of flowers and the Guggenheim museum! It was so cool to see (que guay, as the spaniards would say :)), and the city seemed similar to San Sebastian, just not right on the beach.

After walking around the museum, I decided to go in a couple stores, and some reason became determined to find the second book of the Divergent series so I would have something to do on the plane. haha  I finished the first one pretty early in the trip, and looked for the second one everyone in San Sebastian, but they only had it in Spanish! I probably went to about 10 liberias in Bilbao and was directed to a different one down the street by each cashier.  I walked in to Casa de Libros and asked the lady working if she had the book, and she showed it to me in spanish…. so, I told her that my spanish isn't that good and that I think I want to read it in english, and she told me that my spanish was really good! (thats always a good compliment to get, but really all I wanted was the book in english haha)  But sure enough, they had the book! So, once my quest was over, I headed back and stopped at the fruiteria for some dinner and then took the bus to the hotel.  I watched Despicable Me in spanish, and went to bed to get some sleep before my early flight!

All the flights went really well, and its so interesting the people you will meet on planes!  On the flight from Portugal to Philly, I happened to be sitting by a couple from Kenton, which is 20 minutes from Ada. Small world!

In Columbus, my parents waited for me, waving me down with colorful "WELCOME HOME" signs in hand (made by Moriah, of course).  It was so nice to finally see my family again and be back in the US!  I will never forget this trip and all the people I met, the awesome things I've seen and done, and everything I have learned--in the classroom, and out--but there is no better feeling than being home and seeing the people that you love.  I definitely have learned to appreciate home after this trip, and couldn't ask for better family and friends. Thanks for following throughout my trip, hope you enjoyed reading about all my adventures!

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