Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pyrenees Mountains

Yesterday, we had our last excursion as a group to the Pyrenees Mountains.  We took the bus across the boarder to France, and then hiked back across the boarder to a city called Zugarramurdi.  Add another country to the list (CHECK!)!  We also went to a museum explaining the witchcraft 'craze' during the Spanish Inquisition, and how people were getting accused of being witches left and right just like in America during the Salem Witch Trials.  We hiked through the caves where they were said to be practicing these things.

(straddling the boarder)

Zugarramurdi was soo pretty, and all the houses were white with cobblestone streets and mountains in the background.  We ate at a small family owned restaurant called "Kattalin" and had salad, lamb, and BREAD of course.  If there's one thing I've learned, it's that Spaniards love their bread haha.

Then, we went to another similar small basque town called Amaiur-Maya.  The drive there was the typical Basque countryside.  There were mountains with small farm houses and sheep grazing along the mountainside.  At Amaiur-Maya, we went to a Mill, which was said to be one of the last mills to stop working in the Valley.  The mill was horizontal and designed by Roman's-- not the type that you're used to seeing in America that go vertically.  The mill powered the grinding of wheat and corn, so we actually made our own "talos," which is a basque delicacy.  They can be filled with cheese, sausage, bacon, or chocolate--so of course, we used chocolate.

Then, we took the charter bus back to San Sebastian for the night after the long day!

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